#colorplayfriday 4/14/2017


Photograph by: Sarah of 123 Quilt

Fabrics from top to bottom:

Raccoon by Cotton and Steel  – so stinkin cute!

American Homecoming Tonal Gray stars – simple and soft!

Jubilee party lights by Cotton and Steel – simple and modern!

Kaufman Linen Blend in Nutmeg – A nice solid neutral to tie prints together!

Kanvas Heaven Sent Crosses – Crosses because Good Friday and Easter Sunday are just a few days away!

All Fabrics were selected from Fabrics.com

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Fun photo to work from this week by Lorrinda of Laurel Poppy and Pine

Fabrics from top to bottom are as follows:
Kona cotton in Sangria
Eucalyptus in perfume by anna maria horner
Ballerinas by Heather Ross
meadow in jade by hawthorne threads
wild carrot by violet craft
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This weeks picture entitled Ca Beach is from Sarah of 123 Quilt it is super fun and colorful

 I choose my fabrics from Stash Fabrics

I am in the market for some new fabrics to add to my stash so this is some serious fun because it gives me an idea of what I would like to purchase.

From bottom left to right:

1.) Blue Floral from Anna Maria Horner (the blue center of the flower picks up this hue.

2.) Aloe Vera in Candy from Anna Maria Horner

3.) Crosshatch in White from Carolyn Freidlander

4.) Cottage in Algae by Anna Maria Horner

5.) Balancing Act in Caramel by Anna Maria Horner

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123 quilt

Laurel poppy and pine

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Crochet challenge

So I was crocheting a candy corn costume for my baby.  I was onto the pointy white hat portion when I realized that I had never done crochet decreases.  I googled that, figured it out and then realized that there’s the whole learning curve of spacing those decreases out.  Here I am thinking I had crochet down pat with the basic chains, single, doubles and triple crochet stitches.  Needless to say the candy corn hat is a little wonky!  

So I’ve given myself a crochet challenge.  I’m going to swatch and log examples of different stitch patterns and techniques.  I’ll find my patterns and teqniques via Pinterest and YouTube.  I’m giving myself a week for each new stitch.  I will then post my swatches to Instagram with the hashtag #stitchaweek

If you’d like to join along, please do I’m hoping to learn a ton!

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5 reasons I like acrylic yarn

Yarn snob wool only….yeah that’s not me!  I must admit I tried to buy only wool yarns from my lys (local yarn store) but I felt limited.  As a new knitter and fairly experienced crocheter, I felt the pricey wool yarns should be used on fancy intricate knit patterns I would need to learn.  Acrylic yarn on the other hand I have no problem digging into to get going on blankets, toys, kids items, test crochet projects!

So here are the top 5 reason I like Acrylic yarn

1. It’s easy to source.  Hello Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joann’s !

2. It’s super affordable – I love my Red Heart Super Saver skeins!  There $2.88-5.88 depending on if you want Jumbo or SUPER Jumbo..hello!

3. It comes in different textures.     Sturdy – for when items need   more shape like hats, toys.           Soft – for baby items and anything  that touches the skin.

4. No possible allergies to animal fibers lamb, alpaca, goat, rabbitt.

5. You don’t mind using it because of all the reasons abouve!

What do you think of acrylic yarn? Do you use it?                                         What is your favorite brand?

-Christina (Hazelhoney)