This weeks picture entitled Ca Beach is from Sarah of 123 Quilt it is super fun and colorful

 I choose my fabrics from Stash Fabrics

I am in the market for some new fabrics to add to my stash so this is some serious fun because it gives me an idea of what I would like to purchase.

From bottom left to right:

1.) Blue Floral from Anna Maria Horner (the blue center of the flower picks up this hue.

2.) Aloe Vera in Candy from Anna Maria Horner

3.) Crosshatch in White from Carolyn Freidlander

4.) Cottage in Algae by Anna Maria Horner

5.) Balancing Act in Caramel by Anna Maria Horner

For more colorplayfriday inspiration be sure to visit.

123 quilt

Laurel poppy and pine

Search the hashtag #colorplayfriday on Instagram for previous weeks.

Join in the fun contact Lorrinda


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