Crochet challenge

So I was crocheting a candy corn costume for my baby.  I was onto the pointy white hat portion when I realized that I had never done crochet decreases.  I googled that, figured it out and then realized that there’s the whole learning curve of spacing those decreases out.  Here I am thinking I had crochet down pat with the basic chains, single, doubles and triple crochet stitches.  Needless to say the candy corn hat is a little wonky!  

So I’ve given myself a crochet challenge.  I’m going to swatch and log examples of different stitch patterns and techniques.  I’ll find my patterns and teqniques via Pinterest and YouTube.  I’m giving myself a week for each new stitch.  I will then post my swatches to Instagram with the hashtag #stitchaweek

If you’d like to join along, please do I’m hoping to learn a ton!

  • Pinterest and Instagram I’m hazelhoney 

One thought on “Crochet challenge

  1. I love crochet! Even though I’ve been making amigurumi for 4 years I still learn new things all the time.
    I am not so good at making clothes, I get frustrated with gauges haha.
    Well done though, your baby pieces are so cute!


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